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Travel Release Form

Posted by Duluth East High School Nordic Ski Team at Jan 26, 2024 9:45AM PST

If your skier is not taking the bus to a ski meet a district TRAVEL RELEASE FORM must be presented to Coach Bonnie by the parent driving them before they can start the race. If the skier is not taking the bus home from the meet the skier can present the release form to Bonnie before they leave with their parent. It is district policy that the student CANNOT drive themselves to or from a ski meet.

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Race Help Needed!

Posted by Duluth East High School Nordic Ski Team at Jan 18, 2024 11:40AM PST

Korkki Ski Trails Needs Help!

Mark Helmer needs help at Korkki on Monday, January 22, to shovel snow onto the course for the High School race on Tuesday. Meet at the Korkki Chalet at 8:00 a.m. on skis or snowshoes and bring a shovel.

Volunteer for our Duluth East Invite – February 1

Click through the links below to volunteer!! We need all hands on deck to make our race spectacular!! We have indoor and outdoor jobs and you do not need experience for any of them and you can sign up for more than one thing!! The indoor sign up also has spots for donating items in our concessions so look at both please!! Sign up early and often!



Next Tuesday’s race is a skate race.

Please sign up for the Cook County invite by texting or calling Coach Bonnie at 218-464-3510. Deadline to register is SATURDAY AT 6 PM.

Since there is no school on Monday we will be waxing Monday at 9:00 am at Snowflake.

The bus for the race will leave East High School at 6:30 am on Tuesday. The current forecast is for very cold weather so make sure you have plenty of warm clothes. We also recommend a face cream or tape to help prevent frostbite. You may also want to bring hand and toe warmers.

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CEC Race at Spirit Mt on Thursday, January 4th

Posted by David Kask at Jan 3, 2024 8:13AM PST

Here is some information for those of you that have signed up for the CEC race at Spirit Mt on Thursday.

  • Waivers – Spirit Mountain does require waivers from all skiers, but just once a year. If you still need to complete one (hasn’t raced or practiced at Spirit yet) please complete the waiver at this link. You will not receive a bib if Spirit Mt. doesn’t have your waiver. They Check!
  • We will be glide waxing skis at Snowflake Wednesday after school. For those classic skiing your kick zones will need to be cleaned and taped. We will have benches designated for cleaning only. This is to keep the glide wax brushes and scrapers from getting klister and other kick wax on the glide wax scrapers and brushes.
  • There will not be a Team Dinner tonight.
  • You will be excused from school all day Thursday. If you are skiing the race classic (all those racing Varsity) please arrive at Spirit Mt. by 9:00 so we can get your skis kick waxed. JV and Jr High skiers will be freestyle skiing and should be to Spirit Mt 60 to 90 minutes before your race start.
  • The is no bus to Spirit Mt since it is in the city limits of Duluth.
  • Bibs will be picked up in the Grand Avenue Chalet.

Happy New Year. Hope everyone had a nice holiday.

For this week

Today – if you play to race on Thursday you must let Coach Bonnie know no later than 5 pm today. You can text her at 218-464-3510. Please include in text which race you want to do, Classic Varsity, or JV or HS skate.

Tuesday, January 2

Classic workout at Spirit Grand Avenue (if you don’t have classic skis do come with your skate skis)
Plan on being at Spirit at 4 pm to wax and warm up. Coach Dave will be in Grand Avenue parking lot to help you with kick waxing. There will be a Team Info Meeting with Head Coach Bonnie at 4:30 pm outside at Grand Avenue near the entry to the xc ski trail. Coach Bonnie will be announcing the skiers and alternates for the Mesabi East Invite at that time. The Mesabi East Invite is limited to 10 boys and 10 girls per team. Skiers from schools from all over the Midwest can participate. In the past there have usually been 900-1000 skiers participating. We encourage everyone on the team to attend the race and cheer for your team.

Remember you must have a daily nordic pass ($10) or a season nordic pass ($149) to ski at Grand Avenue. Passes are available to purchase on line.

Wednesday, January 3

We will be waxing at Snowflake for Thursday’s race at Grand Avenue. Plan to be at Snowflake at 4 pm. If you are classic skiing be sure to have your kick zone cleaned and taped. Kick waxing will be done the day of the race. There will not be a team dinner on Wednesday. Those of you not racing should plan to do a ski or run workout on your own.

Thursday, January 4

Cloquet Invite at Grand Avenue Nordic. Race starts at 11 am. Start lists will be available at

Please be at the race venue in time to warm up for your event, and for those classic skiing allow plenty of time to get your skis waxed and tested.

Per school policy since the race is in Duluth there will NOT be a bus taking skiers to the race.

Friday, January 5

We will be waxing skis at Snowflake for the team skiers selected to race at the Mesabi East Invite at Giants Ridge. Plan on being at Snowflake at 4 pm. Again, there will not be a team dinner. Skiers not racing at Mesabi East should plan to do a ski or run workout on their own.

Saturday, January 6

Mesabi East Invite at Giants Ridge. Details about the Invite are available at