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Hello Skiers and Parents,

Our East Nordic Ski team focus this season will be to build a “Culture of Health”. It is very important to follow these protocols so we can keep everyone healthy. We want to be able to complete our ski season.

The Snowflake Chalet is closed this season due to COVID-19. Because of this, we will have a definite practice end time of 4:30. (There will be porta potties at Snowflake.)

Please call the phone line, 218-728-1811, daily. This is where changes to our schedule and important information will posted daily.

For the first week of practice (January 4-8) plan to skate ski. If you only have classic equipment then you will classic ski and that will be fine!

East Nordic “Culture of Health”
1. You must complete the Nordic Skiing COVID-19 Daily Check In Form each day BEFORE arriving at practice. This is found on our website
2. Be on time for practice and attendance at 3:00 p.m.
3. Meet your ski pod at the designated Snowflake site
4. Stay 6 feet away from everyone. Keep your coaches and teammates healthy!
5. All East Nordic skiers MUST wear a mask during the entire practice. This is a Minnesota State High School League mandate.
6. Do not share water bottles.
7. You are responsible for your own equipment and clothing. Coaches will not pick up items left at Snowflake. Please put your name on your equipment.

Skier Pods Meeting Sites at Snowflake – 3 p.m. for attendance

Coach Mark’s Pod: Meet by the lowest parking lot (bus parking) at the bottom of the sliding hill.

Coach Patti’s Pod: Meet by the light pole above the garage about the middle of the sliding hill.

Coach Bonnie’s Pod: Meet by the chalet basement door under the deck.

Coach Dave’s Pod: Meet in front of the chalet.

Below is an attachment for each pod’s assigned skiers. If your name is not on the list please email Bonnie at as soon as possible!!!! She will make sure you have a pod!

Attached are the workout for the 5th week of the virtual season. This is the week we usually go to Giants Ridge for our workouts on the State Meet courses. This year you will have to do them on your own. Do them at Giants Ridge if you can. If not find a hilly course and do them there.

Right now in person practice is scheduled to start on Monday, January 4th. Watch the website for new announcements and be sure to read the old ones. There will be a Google form for COVID-19 tracking to complete each day before you come to practice. It will be on the website later this week.

Bonnie & Dave

Hello Skiers and Parents,

We hope the following information gives you an idea of what we expect this year’s East Nordic Ski season to look like. Of course, this is all subject to change depending on the direction we get from East High School and the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL).

Due to COVID-19 restrictions:
1. The Snowflake chalet will NOT be open. (There will be porta-potties at Snowflake)
2. Since skiers will not be coming from East or Ordean there will NOT be a Snowflake bus.
3. Since skiers are coming from home, they will transport their ski equipment with them each day – (No Snowflake storage closet use)
4. For daily practice: 3:00 – 4:30 Monday – Friday at Snowflake
a. Skiers must do the COVID check in online daily before coming to practice.
b. Skiers will be divided into groups, assigned to a coach and will ski at practice only with that group.
c. Each coach and group will have a specific meeting site at Snowflake and attendance will be taken (due to COVID wellness check).
d. All skiers must wear a mask (not a buff) before and after skiing.
e. All skiers must stay 6 feet away from other skiers and coaches.

Our ski season officially started on November 30th although it has to be virtual. We are waiting for East High School and the MSHSL to say in person practice is OK.

Race Schedule:
1. The race schedule is posted on the calendar on our website.
2. Races can only include 3 teams – this is a MSHSL requirement.
3. All our races are in the Duluth area. Skiers will need to arrange their own transportation to and from races (this includes the Cloquet race).
4. We are planning on a Section Meet but we don’t know what that will be like at this time.
5. We hope that there will be a MSHSL State Meet. We need to wait for the MSHSL to give us information about that.

The East team is not putting any emphasis on waxing this winter. Wax or not, the choice is yours.
1. All skiers will need to wax their own skis
2. Skiers must arrive at practice with their skis waxed for either classic or skating. We will not be waxing as a group.
3. Waxing information, this will be on a chart on our website.

We look forward to a fun skiing and racing season. Please get signed up for the East Nordic Ski Team and have your physical and all your paperwork in so we can just focus on skiing when that day gets here.
Get your Snowflake pass now and start skiing. If you want to ski (outside of practice) at Spirit Mountain, get your pass before December 23rd. (See additional information on our website)

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Hello Skiers,

The Borah team store for our team jackets and hats is now open until Midnight Monday, December 9th. Click on this link or copy into your browser to get to the store.

Open the attached document to see what the jacket and hats look like.

Remember the jacket and hats are optional.


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Hello Skiers,

The Borah team store for our team jackets has opened. Click on this link or copy into your browser to get to the store. The store closes at midnight on Saturday, December 7th.

Open the attached document to see what the jacket and hats look like

Remember the jacket and hats are optional.